[Answered] NR 533 Week 1 Touchpoint Reflection: Healthcare Systems…


NR 533 Financial Management In Healthcare Organizations


Understanding how your organization is … for services depends on several components. Assess your organization and identify its care delivery system and payer mix make up. Include percentages represented by each payer group. Identify the key people in your organization from whom you obtained your information. Perhaps it is your unit director, operational directors, financial officers, CNOs. Your direct supervisor might … able to point you in the right direction, Since the information … is often available to the public through public reports you might also access the information through online searches of internal systems or external internet searches.


Experience – As I described in last week’s touchpoint reflection, the facility where I am employed is a non-profit, integrated delivery healthcare system that offers medical services to residents of the county and several neighboring counties. An integrated delivery system coordinates care for all members of the disciplinary team, provides a variety of primary and specialty healthcare services and disciplines, and allows for a comprehensive and accessible electronic health record for all of the patient’s providers, making patient care more straightforward and more effective (Schmidt et al., 2018). This ensures that the patient’s treatment remains consistent throughout the transition. Medicare and managed care account for the bulk of the payer mix at my hospital, accounting for approximately 75% of the total.

Medicaid accounts for the second-highest percentage, at nearly 15%. Finally, self-pay insurance and the uninsured account for 6% of the payer mix. Although the number of younger patients aged 18 to 37 has increased over the last fiscal year, most of our patients are 65 or older and come from the rural community near my hospital. ….please click the purchase button below to access entire answer at $10