(Answered) NR-509 Week 7 Physical Examination Video Assessment


NR-509: Advanced Physical Assessment

Q: When will the Immersion/Physical Exam (PE) Video assignment be due and when will grades be posted? A: Please see the NR509 course shell for due date of the Physical Exam Video. Grades are expected to be posted no later than Thursday of week 8 by 11:59 pm MT.

Q: Where are the Physical Exam Video Instructions and where do I upload my PE Video recording?

A: The assignment instructions can be found in your course modules under “Remote Physical Assessment Check-Off”. The instructions are labeled “Physical Exam”. You will submit the video recording here.

Q: What will help me prepare and successfully pass the Immersion/Physical Exam Video?

A: Download the Physical Examination Grading Rubric and the Physical Exam Video located under the Immersion Module. Follow the rubric closely and watch the video multiple times as your guide to the order and correct examination techniques for the Physical Exam Video Assignment. Then, practice, practice, practice throughout the session until you can proficiently complete the physical exam in less than 30 minutes.

Q: How many points must I earn to pass the Physical Exam Video?

A: You must earn at least 104 out of 124 points to successfully pass this assignment. If a student earns less than 104 points, they will earn an F as their final grade and the student must retake the entire NR509 course.

*Please note – The points in the rubric are present for video grading purposes only; points will NOT count towards your overall course grade.

Q: How much time am I required to practice my physical examination techniques?

A: Per the syllabus, students are required to have 25 hours of physical examination lab practice hours, which you will self-report on a quiz later in the course. Shadow Health examinations and attendance at Immersion Skills Lab are considered part of the lab hours. Start practice early in the session with family and friends until you’re proficient with the Physical Examination Grading Rubric and can replicate the Physical Exam Video.……please click the icon below to purchase the answer at $15