(Answered) NR-509 Week 6 iHuman Case Carlotta A Russe V6.5 PC


NR-509: Advanced Physical Assessment

The following table summarizes your performance on each section of the case, whether you completed that section or not.

Case SectionStatusYour


Time spentPerformance Details
Total Score87%
HistoryDone100%15min 28sec23 questions asked, 23 correct, 0 missed relative to the expert’s list
Physical examsDone67%25min 6sec29 exams performed, 12 correct, 3 missed relative to the expert’s list
Key findings organizationDone3min 24sec11 findings listed; 11 listed by expert
Problem statementDone1min 55sec90 words long; expert’s was 91 words
Management planDone21min 49sec156 words long; expert’s was 75 words

(of scored items only)

5min 32sec3 of 5 correct (of scored items only)

Use this to collect your thoughts to develop a differential diagnosis list

Step 1: Write symptoms (Sx) you have identified in the appropriate column and row.
Step 2: Characterize the symptoms using “OLDCARTS” (ie., Onset, Location


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