[Answered] NR 394 Week 3 Check-In; Part 1- Transcultural


NR 394 Transcultural Nursing

Week 3 Check-In: Course Project Part 1


The purpose of this assignment is for learners to submit the population and health problem focus for the Course Project, obtain approval from your instructor, and receive individualized feedback from your instructor.

Course Outcomes

This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes:

  • CO 1: Identify theories, concepts, and beliefs related to transcultural nursing. (PO 1)
  • CO 3: Describe culturally competent nursing care across the lifespan. (PO 4)

Due Date

Wednesday 11:59 p.m. MT of Week 3.

Points Possible

50 Points

Late Policy

Timely submission is strongly encouraged in order to receive the feedback needed to produce a quality paper/project. The late assignment penalty does not pertain to this assignment.


  • Download the Week 3 Check-In: Course Project Part 1 Template
  • Save it to your computer as with the file name: Your Last Name NR394 W3 Check In.docx.
  • Type directly in your saved template.
  • Complete the Week 3 Check-In:
    • Select a specific cultural/ethnical population that is in your area, clinical practice, or community.
    • Identify a health problem or need for health promotion for a particular stage in the lifespan from your chosen cultural population, based on Leading Health Indicators (LHI) from Healthy People.
    • Ask at least one question of your instructor that could help you do your best on Project 1.
    • You will use the same approved population and health problem for all the Project Check-Ins and Course Project Parts 1, 2, and 3.
  • Submit onceto the Week 3 Check-In: Course Project Part 1. Once you submit the assignment, your instructor will grade the assignment to give you feedback by Friday of Week 3 by 11:59 p.m. MT.
  • For approval, return to the Grades area to read the instructor’s response prior to submitting your Course Project Part 1.
    • For instructions for how to review instructor feedback, please see “Viewing Feedback on Assignments” under Resources/Program Resources.
    • If your check-in population and/or health problem based on the LHI for Healthy People doesn’t meet approval or needs revisions, you will work with your instructor to correct for approval. This additional effort will not be for additional points but to facilitate your success in upcoming assignments.

Template and Link

Week 3 Check-In: Course Project Part 1 Template (Download here) (Links to an external site.)

HealthyPeople.gov Leading Health Indicators website  (Links to an external site.)

Best Practices

  • Please use your browser’s File setting to save or print this page
  • Spell check for spelling and grammar errors prior to final submission.
  • Use the rubric as a final check prior to submission to ensure all content is clearly addressed.


  1. Choose a specific cultural/ethnic population that is in your area, clinical practice, or community but different than your own

In recent decades, New York City’s population has become far more ethnically and racially varied. This results in a range of disparities in socioeconomic status, language competence, educational attainment, and cultural norms. It is crucial to guarantee that all ethnic communities are taken into consideration at the systemic level in order for the healthcare practice to reflect the variety of the city. Hispanics, for instance, aren’t only those who speak Spanish, but rather individuals of many different racial and cultural backgrounds (Fernández et al., 2021). …..Please click the icon below to purchase the solution at $10