[Answered] MGMT 404 Week 8 Course Project Part 4 (Sections G and Compilation of Sections A through G


MGMT 404 Project Management

Week 8 Course Project Part 4 (Sections G and Compilation of Sections A through G)

Cover Page

Table of Contents

Introduction (final)

Section A: The Project Charter

Section B: The Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Section C: The Communication Management Plan

Section D: The Project Scope Statement

Section E: The Project Schedule and Gantt Chart

Section F: Resource Allocation and Budget Reports

Section G: Risk Register

Continue working on your Word document and complete the Risk Management section of your Course Project – Section G.

To complete this section, follow the steps below.

  1. Locate the “G. RISK REGISTER” worksheet tab in the excel template … for this
  2. Review the video and the transcript located in The Getta Byte – Risk Management section of the Week 6 Introduction and
  3. The video has identified three individual project risks at timeframes [1:16] and [1:30], which has been entered as examples in the Excel The Excel worksheet has 4 negative and two positive risks examples in total.
  4. The student’s job is to identify 4 negative risks and 2 positive risks in addition to the examples provided in the Excel
  5. The risk register worksheet in the template contains instructions on “HOW TO USE THIS DOCUMENT”. Follow the instructions.

Submit your Word document and Excel worksheet after completing Part 4 of your Course Project.


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