[Answered] MATH 534 Week 5 Discussion: Hypothesis Testing – Data


MATH 534 Applied Managerial Statistics

Week 5 Discussion: Hypothesis Testing

For this discussion, create and post a 1-2 minute video describing a real-world example of when a hypothesis test could be used. Your video should also include a numerical example for another student to work through in their response. The example can use real data or data that you make up, such as values for the mean, standard deviation, and sample size. Be sure to note if the standard deviation is from the population or the sample. In your responses to other students, show the work and describe the steps you uses to solve that hypothesis example. Video technology does not need to be used in the replies, but you are always welcome to use it! For the videos, you can use recorded PowerPoints, MP4 files, or any video technology where the file can be loaded into the discussion.


Hypothesis testing is a statistical tool used to compare data sets to determine if two groups are significantly different. This tool is often applied in areas of research, such as economics and social sciences, to develop evidence-based conclusions. In this video, I will explain a real-world example of when a hypothesis test could be used, as well as provide a numerical example that someone else can work through in their response. …….please click the icon below to purchase the solution at $5