(Answered) HLT 308V Week 5 Discussion Question 1 & 2


HLT 308V Risk Management And Health Care Regulations

Question  1 

Health care organizations are facing many challenges from various regulatory and government agencies.
For insight, to the challenges of health care reform, view the video “College of Nursing and Health Care
Professions: Do we know what our future is?”…………
Based on this video, explain two key factors that you feel will need to be addressed by future health care workers and health care leaders. You can download slides from this video within the media piece.

Question 2  

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) of 2010 focused on provider compliance with fraud, waste, and abuse laws. Identify three measures that your health care agency (or a related health care agency) has initiated, or could initiate, to comply with these measures. Support your analysis with two peer-reviewed articles


One of the factors I believe will need to be addressed by future health care workers is readmission. Hospital readmissions rates are very costly to an organization and accounts for approximately $17.4 billion dollars a year in the US (Warchol et. al., 2019). The current model is fee-for-service resulting in providers overtreating patients and is not tied to the quality of treatment the provider is offering (Warchol et. at., 2019). Hospital readmission rate programs (HRRP) generates accountability for the organization …..please click the icon below to purchase the answers at $10