(Answered) HLT 308V Week 4 Assignment; Organizational Risk Management Interview


HLT 308V Risk Management And Health Care Regulations


Organizational Risk Management Interview

Comprehensive risk management plans in patient care can not only facilitate patient safety initiatives but also reduce readmission (The University of Scranton, 2021). Home healthcare started centuries ago with doctors making house calls and has steadily grown since. I interviewed an owner of a home health agency about the importance of risk management for her agency. Her name is Arabiesy and she and her husband own this business. Navigating the healthcare risk continuum can be confusing so identifying the risk is essential. Once the risk is identified, it is crucial to score, rank, and prioritize risks based on their likelihood and on the impact of occurrence. Then resources can be allocated, and tasks assigned based on these measures. Investigate and report sentinel events.

According to the Joint Commission (2021), A sentinel event is a patient safety event (not primarily related to the natural course of the patient’s illness or underlying condition) that reaches a patient and results in any of the following: death, permanent harm……please click the icon below to purchase the answer at $10