(Answered) HLT 308V Week 2 Discussion Question 1 & 2


HLT 308V Risk Management And Health Care Regulations

Question 1  

Review your organization’s risk management policies as they relate to the Americans With Disabilities Act and workers’ compensation. What is the process for reporting an incident? If there is not a policy, detail how you would go about getting a policy developed and approved within your organization or any health care organization. Provide one peer-reviewed reference to support your response.

Question 2  

Describe the purpose of a root-cause analysis. Discuss an example of any issue that would necessitate a root-cause analysis. You may use an incident from a referenced article, textbook, or personal experience. Support your analysis with one peer-reviewed reference. Identify the actions that would need to be taken to correct the issue.


Root Cause Analysis refers to a tool used by health care organizations to study events where patient harm occurred. The main purpose of this analysis is to determine the root cause of the event. The benefit obtained from Root Cause Analysis is that the safety of the patient is improved hence prevents future harm. According to Balakrishnan et al., (2019), RCA is essential in determining and preventing errors in the medical field. The main emphasis in this case is the system as opposed to the individuals. This is significant in identifying what happened and why it happened.……please click the icon below to purchase the answer at $10