(Answered) HLT 308V Assignment Week 1; Risk Management Program Analysis; Part I


HLT 308V Risk Management And Health Care Regulations


Risk Management Plan and Audience

High alert medications and high risk processes that focus on the use of anticoagulants is the specific plan that was chosen for this report. The specific audience for this report is nursing staff, pharmacist and providers who will be administering or preparing high risk medications, specifically anticoagulants. This topic was chosen because of the high likelihood of hard that can be done when a patient is prescribed anticoagulant therapy, and the high rate of errors present in anticoagulant therapy.

Firstly, a high alert medication are medications that can cause significant harm if subject to a medication error. The frequency that many of these medications are used contributes to the lack of proper safeguard use in hospitals which could contribute to the error rate. (Lu, Yu, Chen, Wang, Wu, & Tang, 2013).…..please click the icon below to purchase the solution at $10