[Answered] ACCT 212 Week 6 Discussion: Balance Sheet – Assets & Liabilities


ACCT 212 Financial Accounting

Week 6 Discussion: Balance Sheet

Access the balance sheet of a publicly … company, and list what items of assets are … in the property, plant, and equipment section on the asset side. Select any one item from the property, plant, and equipment section, and discuss how you determine the cost of that item to … on the balance sheet.

Assets are … as the resources of the articles which are … in the day to day operations, in order to generate profit and also to provide a future benefit to the company. Assets may … short- term as well as long-term and there are two types of assets … under long-term assets which are tangible and non-tangible.

Tangible assets are considered as the plant assets or property, plant, and equipment assets and are also … as fixed assets and these assets remain available in the business and … in the manufacturing process. Assets included under the section of property, plant, and equipment are … below:

  1. Land
  2. Building
  3. Machinery
  4. Equipment
  5. Furniture
  6. Vehicles
  7. Fixtures
  8. Leasehold
  9. Land improvement


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