[ANSWERD] NR 533 Week 7 Discussion: Business Plan


NR 533 Financial Management In Healthcare Organizations

Week 7: Business Plan

In addition to being fiscally sound, cost neutral, or revenue producing, a new program/major change must fit with the organization’s philosophy, vision, mission, and strategic plan. Describe with specific examples how your project fits in with your institution’s philosophy, vision, mission, and strategic plan.

Drawing upon your knowledge of various change theories and in particular the McKinsey Influence Model, how will you go about engaging stakeholders to adopt your proposal for change?


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Cost associated with any new program needs to be projected in the business plan. This would be considered a new program/service. Specific information needed to create a cost-benefit analysis include: patient volume, revenue per patent, variable cost, fixed cost, projected visits per year, and days of operation.…please click the purchase button below to access the entire solution at $5