(Answer) ENGL147N Week 8 Assignment 1


ENGL147N Advanced English Composition

Required Resources
Read/review the following resources for this activity:

This assignment is an exciting chance for you to address the course outcomes in a new and personalized manner. You will consider the next year in four “chunks” of months. Based on your passions and uses for argument in different areas of your life, you will evaluate possible argument scenarios, considering audience and argument techniques. This assignment will also afford you the exciting prospect of using the source evaluation skills you have learned via searching for books to place on your personal reading list, referencing them in correct APA Style, and explaining what excites you about those books. The assignment template will guide you in expressing your goals, in thinking about argument in different and fun contexts, and in identifying books for your 12-month reading list. The objective of this assignment is to provide you with further application of argument techniques and of information literacy tools.

Please use the template, composing your responses directly on the template. Approach this assignment with an eye toward change and the power you have for impacting the world around you.


Next, Identify one personal, academic, or professional argument opportunity.


Are humanbeings the major cause of global climate change:

Humans are the main reason we are experiencing climate change, when carbon-intensive materials are burnt, the heat-trapping carbon dioxide is released. David Herring (2020) asserts “virtually all climate scientists agree that this increase in heat-trapping gases is the main reason for 1.8 degree Fahrenheit (1.0 degree Centigrade) rise in global average temperature since the late nineteenth century”. Moreso, when the greenhouse gas volume gets too elevated as a result of human actions such as burning of fuel fossils, it traps excessive sun’s energy as heat and disturbs the natural structures that controls the climate. It is important to note that when trees are destroyed or burntthe excess carbon which is stored in plants to enhance it’s growth is discharged into the air as carbon dioxide. In other words, deforestation and forest degradationpracticed by humans promotes global climate change.….please click the purchase button below to access the entire solution at $10